Modules in Laravel 4 – Part 2

I previously published a simple tutorial post on taking the modular approach to building your applications in Laravel 4, but since then I needed a solution that I could use easily on different projects, so this was a no brainer, …

Composer + Wordpress

How to use Composer packages in WordPress

I recently had the need to use a couple of Composer packages in a WordPress project (Carbon, Calendr, Illuminate Support…). This is actually really easy to achieve. First of all you’re gonna need to setup your composer.json file with all …


Modules in Laravel 4

Update! While the tutorial below is pretty simple, I needed to have a more generic solution that is easily installed in any project so I created a composer package. It’s still pretty new, so any feedback is appreciated. Go ahead …

RedBean + CodeIgniter, Take 2

So I recently wanted to use the newest version of RedBean ORM (1.3beta) with the latest CodeIgniter Reactor version. The whole integration process is even simpler than before, so here goes: Download RedBean, copy “rb.php” to “application/third_party/rb” Create “application/libraries/rb.php”, and …



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